Smith celebrates Father's Day and Mother's Day. He has two parents. Geno has no entourage or posse. He has no criminal record, nor has he ever been arrested, nor has any ever been in nfl jerseys cheap trouble of any kind before or during college. He isn't covered in tribal tattoos.

Geno is wearing a V-neck Ralph Lauren "Polo" sweater. Notice he is not wearing Mr. T style gold chains and bling. He doesn't have dreadlocks, nor does he wear 3D eyeglass frames without lenses cheap jerseys usa  Geno isn't angry at society, and doesn't blame the establishment for keeping him down. No, Geno Smith is a good kid, and a somewhat shy one. He is studious. He reads. All of this should tell you something. It should tell you that he really doesn't care cheap jersey what people think or say. If he did, he would succumbed to peer pressure and dressed, acted, and behaved like most of the other thug life wannabe "tough guys". 

Nobody knows what this kid will do, but he certainly hasn't done anything to merit the degree of savage criticism that he has endured eagles jersey. And his college numbers are nearly identical to the greatest QB ever to lace them up...Robert Griffin...the Third. Except that Smith's numbers were better, and Smith is bigger, and Smith is a far better pocket passer. So there it is. Somebody needed to say it.

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