May have been a weak lineup Roy Halladay was facing, but for us phils fans, its great for his confidence and hopefully will make him stop being so hard on himself. i think half this battle is arm strength but the other half is in his head. we need him bad, i'll take this win ! wholesale jerseys Well, congrats on 200 wins for a class guy.  Somebodysaid that his career may be finished, and I may have been premature with that comment.  I sure HOPE I was premature.  It would be fantastic to get anything close to 2010 Doc or 2011 Doc. Encouraging game for Doc i guess ,that was a pretty mundane line up the Marlins put out there, but hey it was a Big League team he cheap mlb jerseys beat.
Yes people Doc can still pitch. Stop waiting for his career to be over and just enjoy the time we have him here in Philly. Congrats Roy....You're the man and whether we win a series while you're here or not, there are some Philly fans that have loved what you have done for this franchise. philadelphia phillies jersey

I felt like I was watching an intra squad scrimmage of some kind out there.  Did the marlins just pickup half their team from the Phillies 2012 squad? Anyway, the Doctor is back in the house , congratulations Mr. Halladay! Go Phillies Go! Halladay Win Career
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