I agree with Sandy Alderson 100%. If Wheelers allows 0 runs in his next 3 starts while keeping his K/BB ratio above 2.5 then Alderson will be inclined to promote him. However, what benefit is there in an early promotion for Wheeler if he's putting up mediocre performances. cheap nfl jerseys He's ready now. His head is not in it, he knows he's not up cause of business tactics. Harvey was pitching to a mid 3 era before his call up to. Plus he's pitching in a hitters league, the ball flies in Vegas cheap jerseys free shipping.

And I think Gee is a fine back end of the rotation pitcher. The lack of depth in the rotation right now and Gee's slow start is exacerbating the state of the rotation. Gee will be fine IMO montreal expos jersey . I have no problem with him staying in the rotation because he's going to put up respectable numbers over the course of the season.

People forget that he's coming off a shoulder issue and in 2 of 3 starts it was brickass cold. His other start in actual baseball weather was good. houston colts jersey I think he'll get it together once he pitches in some better conditions.

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